NetroDesign specialises in custom built web sites that are distinctive in design.
NetroDesign specialises in custom built web sites that are distinctive in design.
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NetroDesign specialises in custom built web sites that are distinctive in design.
What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and would it benefit me?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of altering the websites code and content structure in order to attempt higher rankings in Search Engine result Pages (SERP). This does not necessarily mean altering the look of the website. Often times restructuring of the code is enough to achieve results.

Ideal results would allow Search Engines too naturally (sometimes referred to as organically) index your site faster, easier and more accurately. Enabling the Search Engine to properly identify the content of the site and index it in relation to the relevant "key words".

Key words are the words people use when searching for a business in your field. For example if you manufacture green, triangular widgets and are based in Essex then the key words for your site would be phrases like "Widgets", "Widgets in Essex", "green widgets", "triangular widgets", "green triangular widgets" and so on

There are multiple tactics that can be used, some more effective than others.

Things to know about SEO:

- No one can guarantee a specific ranking on a search engine. Search Engines use complex algorithms that are closely guarded secrets. Web designers can impact search results in some cases but cannot control them. Be wary of any one who promises you top listings with a guarantee. Likewise no one can guarantee when and how often your site is updated in a search engines index.

Read this web page from Google regarding Search Engine Optimisation :

- Getting links to your site does not automatically improve your ranking in the SERP's. It is a question of the quality of link. Does the site linking to yours have relevant or related content. Is it a "link farm", or "link-exchange" service? The benefits of link farms tend to be negative and can actually hurt your sites ranking!

- Not every site will benefit from Search Engine Optimisation, you should look closely at your website and what you wish to achieve with it before committing to a Search Engine Optimisation strategy. SEO is a time consuming (for the web developer) and expensive process. We will not recommend SEO for your site unless there is truly a benefit to be obtained.

- In some cases what you need is an online Marketing Strategy that can include buying ad space on search engines. In many cases these can prove highly effective and show better results. Online advertising campaigns are scalable, can fit nearly any budget and in many cases you only pay for results.


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