NetroDesign specialises in custom built web sites that are distinctive in design.
NetroDesign specialises in custom built web sites that are distinctive in design.
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NetroDesign specialises in custom built web sites that are distinctive in design.
I have a site already, does it need a redesign or updates and if so how often? You should redesign or update your site.

Yes you should look into redesigning or updating your site. But first let’s establish what that actually means.

There are 2 basic aspects to a website.

1) The content which is the part of your site that gets read including text and images.
2) The design which involves the look of the site, the programming code and the features.

Regarding updating the content you should ask yourself:

When did I last update the content of my site?

If the answer was more than 3 months then yes you should update the content, after all your business like most has probably had changes in the goods or services on offer.

Perhaps you are using materials or perhaps you have a new product line. Maybe your prices have changed. Your website should always be current and make that information regarding changes readily available.

Does my business have frequent changes in inventory, sales or special offers?

If so you should have updates on the site to reflect these changes/events. Your website should always present an accurate and current picture of what your company does.

Above all Don’t Panic! Updating content is relatively fast and easy and is very inexpensive when compared to a complete redesign.

Regarding updating the site design you should ask yourself:

How long has it been since my site was built, and has it been redesigned since then?

If your site was built more than 1 year ago and the design has not been changed since then, yes you probably need a redesign.

Why? Because the web changes rapidly, markup code (the language used to construct a website) changes frequently, new online technologies are developed and old ones are phased out. New online technologies are developed and old ones are phased out.

Think of it this way: The internet has building codes just like the real world does; unlike the real world they change frequently, very frequently. If your site is not up to date with the new building codes it is possible that your site will not reach as wide an audience as you like.

Also with these changes come new opportunities to better get your message across, not updating leaves you uncompetitive, behind the times and most painfully: unseen.

Am I getting much business from my website?

If the answer is no then it means that either your site is most likely not designed correctly or it has not been properly optimized for search engines.

Why is this important? Because the greatest idea in the world heard by no one dies a quiet death.

Can my site be easily updated?

If the answer is no or I don’t know then you should have us take a look at it. Too often sites are designed without future needs in mind.Can my site be easily updated? An inflexible layout can make it difficult to easily update the site, add new pages and add new content.

Site redesign costs about the same as building a site from scratch because that is in essence what is done. First however we look at your current site and salvage what can be salvaged from it. For example images, original artwork, corporate logos and so on.

Like anything in life, you get what you pay for; nevertheless it is very possible to get a quality website at a reasonable price. Contact us for a free, no obligation consultation.


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